Grin Like a Dog!


In his book, "Riding the Iron Rooster, By Train Through China", the writer Paul Theroux recounted advice he offered to a fellow traveler: "Grin like a dog and wander aimlessly." While I wouldn't apply this motto to my students (especially the part about wandering aimlessly through the academic year!), I do encourage lots of grins, and laughter, and appreciation, of the little absurdities that inhabit our daily routines. As I've traveled throughout the world, I always make it a point to take note of the local dogs I encounter. Through thick and thin (and some animals are living in pretty dire environments), it seems that these dogs always seem to be happy! Perhaps it's the freedom, perhaps it's the opportunity to see new faces everyday, or perhaps it's a sign that everything is going to be all right. Regardless, if you settle in and promise to find some humor in the world we are studying, the year will be much more enjoyable. In the meantime, take a look at some of the clips that bring a grin to my face!

Welcome to Spring!

Little D Hatching Out of the Egg from Class 1-208 on Vimeo.

While it's obvious I am a big dog fan (see above!) I had to share this clip on Kittens.